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December 13, 2018

Are you Emotionally Intelligent?| Mental Health

Have you ever met someone who who was emotionally unstable? Have you ever been that person? Lets face it, we are human and no human should ever be exp

December 11, 2018

Top Mental and Physical Benefits of Meditation | Mental health

You hear about it everywhere you go these days, as if it’s some kind of miracle cure. In The Power of Now written by spiritual teacher Eckhart T

December 10, 2018

5 Black Owned Business That Make Your Holiday Shopping Easy

Hue man bookstore If you need to get a gift for a bookworm, shop here for a bookstore created and tailored to the african- american community. All boo

December 7, 2018

Get back on your grind!

  Alright Ladies, thanksgiving is over. You can put down the pies, cakes, and Mac & cheese because it’s time to get back to business. Summe

December 6, 2018

Watch Your Mouth! Do you know the power you possess?

Everyone has heard of the phrase: life and death lies in the power of your own tongue. Did you take it seriously? NO! Well think about how many lives