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Robin Roberts Fitness and Nutrition

Why Robin Roberts Puts Fitness and Nutrition First

This week’s #wcw goes to the remarkable Robin Roberts. Most known for being a prominent TV broadcaster on national stations such as ABC and ESPN, she has gotten even more recognition for sharing her journey through surviving breast cancer. Learn why she thinks fitness and nutrition are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Being in the public eye forces you to be in shape, but good health is what made Robin Roberts adapt a strict nutrition based lifestyle. As an athlete, Roberts has always tried to lead a healthy life by adapting a mostly low carb diet, but after her health issues and battle with cancer, she knew it was time to make some significant changes. Focusing on Fitness and Nutrition Low carbs aren't the only thing that...

3 Quick Ways to Down Your Fruits And Veggies

Fruits and vegetables. Can’t live with them, seemingly. And can’t live without them, literally. These food groups become essential for getting in your fiber and avoiding those uncomfortable, plaguing conditions, like constipation. Plus, these foods are typically made of a lot of water. That means lower numbers when you step on the scale because you get full faster without all the calories. And don't forget the lower risk of cancer and other diseases when we regularly get the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables. Try these three quick ways to make it easier to get your daily dose in. Use it to keep yourself healthy or even for your kids' meal planning. 1.    Make it a mandatory part of one of your meals. I brown bag it for lunch and...


Need motivation to get to the gym, well a new study may be all the motivation you need to burn a sweat. It shows that exercise can reduce the risk of developing 13 different varieties of cancers. The study involved the National Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School and collaborating researchers in the U.S collected data from 1.44 million men and women .The researchers found a reduced risk of breast, lung and colon cancers, which has been reported before, but they also found a lower risk of tumors in the liver, esophagus, kidney, stomach, endometrium, blood, bone marrow, head and neck, rectum and bladder. As a part of the study researchers looked at the intensity of exercise and calculated how that effected a person’s' cancer risks over...