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Are You a Busy Parent and Think You Have No Time for Working Out? Elethia Gay Thinks Otherwise

We all wish we had more time. Time to sleep, time to work, time to relax, time to exercise, time for everything. Lack of time is to accomplish something is just an excuse. It is one of the biggest reasons people have used to put off exercising or eating healthier, or just living a healthier lifestyle. We often say things like: "Once, I get caught up with work, I'll have more time and energy to work out." Or "My kids have such a crazy schedule there is no room for me to fit in meal prepping." Stop putting your health and fitness goals on the back burner and follow Elethia Gay. Elethia is a health and wellness coach and speaker for AQ Health and Wellness, where...


Change Your Mindset and Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Farah Green

It's still early in the year, which means right now, people are still working on their New Years Resolutions. One of the most common new years resolutions is to lose weight. Many people are so determined that this is the year they will lose a few pounds and finally have the summer body they always wanted. It's nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but what is the reasoning behind wanting to shed a few pounds, especially for curvy women? Is it baby weight? Having gained a few extra pounds during quarantine? Or maybe the weight is affecting their health. These are all great reasons, but for some women, it's just because society told them they need to have a "slim thick body" which includes a small waist with a big butt...


Meet Essential Oils Expert Renee Jones!

Renee Jones is owner and Wellness Advocate with Forever Wellness, Inc., a health and wellness firm, based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Forever Wellness shares how to maintain optimum mental, physical and spiritual health utilizing Essential Oils and other natural solutions. She was introduced to dōTERRA Essential Oils, by a friend in 2012.  Her primary health challenges were focus and insomnia.  Her friend recommended trying doTERRA Blended Oils Balance for focus and Serenity for insomnia.  There was immediate results for her. As a person that subscribes to an integrative and a wholistic approach to wellness, she right away began to educate herself on doTERRA Essential Oils and Products Now, she spends her time sharing her experiences and helping others learn about the powerful impact of doTERRA Essential Oils, in...


Relationship Therapist, Love Coach, Author and Speaker: Montrella Cowan believe that you can have it all!

Happy Wednesday ladies! Today we want to introduce you to one of our newest partner members, Montrella Cowan! Montrella is a widely sought after motivational speaker, trainer, and founder of Affinity Health Affairs, LLC. The Brooklyn, New York native and mother of two is a licensed Psychotherapist and Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and Life Coach. Montrella earned a Master's in Social Work from Howard University and holds a Bachelors's in Social Work and Interdisciplinary Studies from Catholic University of America.  At Affinity Health Affairs, Montrella uses a holistic (mind-body-spirit) approach to talk therapy and relationship coaching. Strives to provide high-quality service, knowledge, personal care, and passion to help people have healthy relationships and families.  Affinity Health Affairs focuses on helping individuals and couples with : 1. Self-Determinism Our core...

Healthy Reads

3 Self-Help Books That Every Black Woman Should Read.

Self-Help books are often used to motivate and inspire it's readers to be the best version of themselves. Self-Help books and the self care movement and the has often been described as a  trend that millennials have popularized. Due to the overwhelming result of being home due to COVID 19, many of us felt like this was the time to rediscover ourselves and become a better motivate and become version of yourself. We here at Black Girl Health compiled a list of 3 Self-Help books you should add to your must read list.   1. More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are by Elaine Welteroth More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth is part memoir and part manifesto, Elaine Welteroth is an  journalist, editor and New York Times best-selling author. More Than Enough touches on...

Pink breast cancer ribbons on pink background

The In’s & Outs of Breast Cancer and, the General Statistics you Should Know

October has finally arrived! Black Girl Health Foundation is excited to partner with Genentech kick-off our I’m A Survivor campaign.  This month we are introducing a series of articles about breast cancer to bring awareness to our community. The BGH community is excited to share our first article of the month, The In’s & Outs of Breast Cancer and, the General Statistics you Should Know. There are many common questions and concerns women have about breast cancer. This article will address the majority of those questions regarding breast cancer. What is breast cancer, and where is the tumor located? Cancer is a disease where cells of a particular organ develop abnormal cells that multiply uncontrollably to form a malignant tumor. Malignant cells are cancerous cells, and...


Low Cost Mental Health Services

In light of recent events and the current state of the world from COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter rallies, prioritizing mental health has become a very important topic for many, especially for communities of color. Therapy in African-American and communities of color are often seen as taboo, due to lack resources, funding, and discrimination in the health care system. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 30% of African-Americans with mental illness were treated compared to the national average of 43% of Americans. As an organization, Black Girl Health strives to be your number one resource for your physical and mental health. As a result of our current climate organizations are offering low cost and or free mental health resources for communities of...

How To Take Ownership Of Your Health

Our bodies are with us for the rest of our lives, so naturally, we should make it a focus to do everything we can to guarantee it’s in the best condition possible. But why is it so hard to actually stick to our health goals and see them through? Often times, we tend to lack the correct focus on the timeframe of our overall well-being. Reaching these goals doesn’t happen overnight, and it is just as important to prioritize our long-term goals as it is our near future ambitions. Take a look at the proper ways to take ownership of your health through the different stages of your life-cycle. Short-term Commonly, short-term goals are the first things that come to mind surrounding the discussion around health. Our...


Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Women, we are one of God’s most precious creations. The world as we know it would not exist without us. The ability to build a nation rests within our wombs. We are the health of our households. We continue to break glass ceilings. We dominate boardrooms. We have enough multitasking abilities to take care of home and community. We are setting trends and blazing trails in every field imaginable. There’s not one piece of history that hasn’t been blessed by our presence. Now, compound all of this with being Black, and you have achieved greatness! But no matter how dope we are, our value is often downplayed, if acknowledged at all. Black women are labeled as aggressive, angry, attitudinal, and standoffish. Some very unattractive words for...


How One Woman Created Cooking Oils That Can Impact Your Health

This week’s BGH Partner Spotlight is shining on Ms. Jenifer Guinn, MSc., CEO of Vidaluxlook.  A true renaissance woman, Ms. Guinn is an advocate for low income families in Washington DC, a mom, and an entrepreneur.  She has always been a girl-boss, so it was no surprise when she stepped out on faith to create her own business. Her journey towards holistic health began in 2016 when she was diagnosed with depression and Social Anxiety Disorder. She discovered that using herbal-infused oils allowed her to heal from the inside out without having to rely on prescription medications. It was at this point she knew she was on to something big.  That something big was Vidaluxlook. When asked how her product could be used to help black...