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February 13, 2018

How to Build a Facial Routine to Rid and Prevent Acne

From oily and dry skin to acne-prone skin, during our adulthood, we’ve all felt like a teenager going through the tortures of puberty. The truth is

February 8, 2018

Hamstring Workouts that Can Help Improve Your Posture

Why hamstring workouts helps to improve posture? Here’s a great exercise that you can do from the comfort of your home – hamstring curls with

February 6, 2018

Here’s How To #Popthequestion To Your Man #Likeaboss

Pop the Question to Your Man like a BOSS Before you get into a serious relationship, it’s always important to sit down with your partner and hav

February 1, 2018

Studies Reveal Fasted Cardio Helps Burn More Fat

We have all heard you shouldn’t eat right before a swim. Now there’s a new study that suggests fasted cardio is one of the most efficient ways to

January 30, 2018

Intermittent Fasting 101: How to Maximize Your Weight Loss Results

When most people think of “intermittent fasting,” they only think of starvation and tend to ignore the health benefits. Research studies reveal th