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Your Protective Style Might Not Be Protecting

Your Protective Style Might Not Be Protecting

As fall and winter approach, it is important for us natural women to ensure they are taking the best care of their hair especially as the temperatures begin to drop it is imperative that during the dry months our stays moisturized and protected from the elements, not just heat damage.

            According to the Natural Club, these are some ways that we add stress on our hair, causing wear and tear:

  • Physical manipulation from daily styling, combing, detangling, stretching, updos, or just touching your hair in general
  • Chemicals, color treatments, or high heat
  • Environmental pollutants in the air
  • Excessive moisture from swimming or sweat
  • Environmental/climate factors such as dry air, cold air, frost, wind, snow, etc.

Protective styles are important because they are styles that require little to no manipulation.  But beware, just because a style claims to be “protective” it may do more damage than good. A protective style must:

  • Not be too tight: (ex. Box braids, flat twists, cornrows, be sure to not have your hair manipulated too tightly which can lead to breakage and weaken your hair strands)
    • When the hair is too tight it can actually pull on your edges which can weaken your edges causing hair breakage and balding toward the front of the head.
    • In addition, having super tight ponytails cause breakage toward the middle of your head, causing balding in the middle of the scalp.
  • Not omit moisture: (when wearing wigs, weaves and extensions, be sure to continue to be washed, moisturized your actual hair AND scalp)

It is important to incorporate various protective styles into your daily heir regimens which will not only keep your ends safe and out the way, it fosters hair growth because of the little amount of manipulation.  Feel free to get creative with up-do’s, twist/braid outs, Bantu knots, and buns. Use protective styles as another way to express yourself with decorations such as beads, hair cuffs, and metallic strings!  No one said protective styles had to be boring.

Monet Gilmore
Monet Gilmore

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