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Does your scalp look dry despite using a lot of moisturizers, hot oil treatments, and whatever other hair remedies?  You may actually have DANDRUFF or in our medical fancy terms, ‘SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS’.

Your scalp may not be dry from lack of moisture but, it is actually flaking off from the Pityrosporum yeast.  Don’t worry many of us get this condition, especially if the scalp is not washed frequently, especially with the extra hair oils, which can worsen yeast over-growth.

Often, we fear that if we wash too much, our hair will get too dry. But, stop to think…. scalp is skin that is connected to the back of your neck and face every day.  So, why do you wait to ‘wash the skin above the back of our neck’?  I am not suggesting to wash your scalp and hair every day, but at least once a week is proper hygiene to reduce the risk of this condition. Not to mention, not only may your scalp be dry and flaky, but it can become itchy, tender and red with even excessive hair shedding or thinning.


1.Pick up these two active medicated anti-dandruff ingredients, generic or brand name. Zinc Pyrithione (Ex. Head & Shoulders) and Selenium Sulfide (Ex. Selsun Blue)

2. Wet scalp, apply medicated shampoo, put on plastic cap and leave on your scalp for at least 10-15 minutes before washing out to allow the active ingredient to absorb better

3. Use your favorite moisturizing shampoo after then condition and style, as desired

4.  Alternate shampoos with each wash so that your scalp does not get accustomed to one type and can be more effective

5. Hydrocortisone Ointment to dry, red or itchy areas, twice a day as needed.

6. Do this ONCE A WEEK initially for 1 month, then repeat once a month as maintenance to reduce risk of reoccurrence..

7. Because hair starts from the inside, I am a HUGE ADVOCATE of an internal natural approach with BellaNutri supplement. The special marine protein and collagen nutrients directly target the hair root stem cells and skin from within. Scalp will get healthier in addition to longer, stronger and thicker hair even in bald or thin areas.

8. If your scalp dryness is not better after a month with these few ‘over the counter’ tricks of the trade, surely get a clinical evaluation by your doctor.

Please feel free to contact me with any hair or skin questions via or 301.809.2962


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