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Working Remotely: A Guide To Your Health

Working Remotely: A Guide To Your Health

Working remotely is a desired perk that Millennials and Gen-Z look for when on the hunt for a job. Luckily, employers aren’t disappointing! Because of the staggering benefits of working remotely, 50% of the US population spend part of their week working outside of their office. However, adjusting to a work-from-home schedule can be difficult and it’s important to maintain your health to keep your productivity and happiness high. 

Have an “office”
Having a dedicated space to get your work done is extremely important for productivity and your health. Don’t allow yourself to sit in your pajamas and work in your bed all day because it can hinder productivity, ruin your sleep, and ultimately isn’t the right environment to get work done. 

Even if you live in a studio apartment, have a separate desk to work at that is filled with things you need to get your job done, like pens, your laptop, a printer, and sticky notes. If you live in a bigger apartment or a house, then designate a room or part of a room as a home office. This way, you can shut away anything that may cause distractions like roommates, laundry, or the television. If you can’t make a home office work, consider going to a quiet cafe or joining a coworking space if you work remotely full-time. Getting out of your bed, bedroom, or house can help you feel more motivated to get work done and can be a subconscious reminder to not overwork yourself. 

Make a schedule
Another way to prevent overworking yourself is to set a daily schedule. Setting working hours for yourself, including scheduling phone calls, meetings, and even breaks, can help you stay productive and avoid burnout. 

When you have your workflow on your digital calendar it will remind you of all of the work you have to get done that day, which can help you stay on track. Additionally, if your coworkers can see your calendar, it will give them a good idea of when you’re free to meet or have a phone call. 

Use blue light glasses

Glasses that help filter blue light are a great option for the health and ergonomics of remote workers! We all know that working remotely means tons of time on your computer. On top of working, you spend time on your phone or watching tv, all of which emit blue light that can negatively affect your health.

It’s been reported that even a couple of hours spent consecutively on a computer can cause dry eyes, blurry vision, and issues sleeping. So it’s important for people who spend 8+ hours a day on a computer to protect themselves with blue-light blocking glasses.

Get out of your house
If you don’t utilize a coworking space or cafe, then make sure to use your scheduled break to go outside and get some fresh air to avoid cabin fever and socialize with others.

Use your scheduled breaks to run to the grocery store, take a coffee break, or go to the gym for a workout; this change of scenery will keep your mind fresh for the workday. It’s also important to have social interaction during times when you’re not working to keep your mental health in a good space. It’s been proven that people who work in an office and get to socialize with coworkers are actually happier in their lives and with their job, so if you work remotely, you may have to make plans outside of working hours to get that socialization. Whether it’s meeting up with a friend or family member for coffee or going out for a drink after work, make this part of your day a priority!

As technology progresses and remote working becomes more and more common, it’s important to keep these tips in mind to ensure your success and health stay in top shape both during and after your workday.

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager

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