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Why You Should Always Be Patient with Yourself

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Why You Should Always Be Patient with Yourself

By: Karlise Cureton

On this path of the hustle and grind to excellence, there’s one thing you must practice to keep sane. Patience. I know we have set high standards and expectations of ourselves but please, make it a practice to be patient with yourself. Your growth, your healing, your progress.

You’re growing, learning and healing. Which means you should expect to make mistakes and to take detours. Leave yourself some wiggle room to slip up, to miss a turn get lost and arrive to the meeting late. You’re gonna forget the names if the person you just met or send and email without proofreading it. Expect to make rookie mistakes. It’s part of the process. Stop beating yourself up over the little things!

Don’t waste time worrying about things you can not control.

You set the precedent for how well others treat you. So be patient with yourself so that others remember todo the same.

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