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Why Robin Roberts Puts Fitness and Nutrition First

Robin Roberts Fitness and Nutrition

Why Robin Roberts Puts Fitness and Nutrition First

This week’s #wcw goes to the remarkable Robin Roberts. Most known for being a prominent TV broadcaster on national stations such as ABC and ESPN, she has gotten even more recognition for sharing her journey through surviving breast cancer. Learn why she thinks fitness and nutrition are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Being in the public eye forces you to be in shape, but good health is what made Robin Roberts adapt a strict nutrition based lifestyle. As an athlete, Roberts has always tried to lead a healthy life by adapting a mostly low carb diet, but after her health issues and battle with cancer, she knew it was time to make some significant changes.

Focusing on Fitness and Nutrition

Low carbs aren’t the only thing that Roberts is focused on these days when it comes to her diet. While it seems like everyone is going vegetarian or vegan lately, simply cutting out red meat completely has been one of the biggest changes. A focus on incorporating more vegetables and revamping her pantry to include items like almond butter and chickpea pasta has been another change that Roberts credits her new healthy lifestyle to.

When it comes to her fitness routine, Robin prefers workouts that shape the body and center the mind. In her past as a certified sports girl, exercise came in the form of playing basketball or a few rounds of tennis. Today, her fitness routines looks a little different. During a normal workout, Roberts is incorporating practices like yoga and pilates with a healthy dose of stretching exercises and light weights. And for sculpting her body, she’s takes care to add resistance training into her daily fitness routine.

Even after going through some health challenges, that hasn’t discouraged Roberts. At 56 Robin Roberts expects to live a long healthy life and shows women around the world that a healthy lifestyle is the solution to a more enjoyable life.


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