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What Mascara Is Best For Your Eyelashes?

What Mascara Is Best For Your Eyelashes?

There are different types & compositions of mascaras available in the market, which change your entire eye look in a second. For short lashes? Try a lengthening mascara. For thin lashes? Try a thickening mascara. For straight lashes? Try a curling mascara. All three? Try volumizing mascara.

Choosing Right Mascara Applicator:


Mascara Applicator comes in different shapes and sizes, and each wand serves a different purpose.

1. Straight mascara wands are easy to use as they allow easier access to small lashes and inner eye lid lashes. You can also hold the brush at different angles to fully coat the lashes.

2. Curved Brush is perfect for those who are looking for more curls and an extra lift to the lashes. Comb shaped mascara is designed to discourage clumping and separates the lashes.

3. Comb Brush helps to separate the lashes and gives an even application. It further adds length and volume to the lashes.

4. Big Brush Mascara coats more mascara and gives more volume to the eye lashes. The wand has tightly spaced bristles which is perfect for extra thickness. A big mascara brush can add clumps, and can be hard to use at times, but with some practice you will get used to it.

5. Long Brush is best for lengthening as a long wand with even space won’t provide as much volume as a big brush. They are recommended to separate and define lashes.

6. Small Brush is better for small lashes, as it doesn’t clump the lashes, thereby offering thickness.


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