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Vegetarian Pros and Cons!

Vegetarian Pros and Cons!

We’ve talked about the pros and cons of the vegan diet, but now we need to talk about the pros and cons of the vegetarian diet. The vegetarian diet is one where meat is not consumed. The difference between this diet and the vegan diet, as we talked about before, is that in the vegetarian diet animal products are still consumed. Here are some pros and cons:


Weight-loss The vegetarian diet is low in fat and high in fiber which are very good components for weight loss. It can also be a beneficial diet for maintaining weight.

Complete Nutrition When well planned out, vegetarian meals can contain all essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. This is extremely beneficial and debunks the idea that becoming vegetarian automatically lowers your nutritional intake.


Methods to Preserve A lot of times in order to preserve the quality and improve the production of crops herbicides and pesticides are used. These are used on the soils and traces or residue can be found on the plants which can be harmful to consumers.

Does Not Mean Pure Health When taking on the vegetarian lifestyle, pure health is not automatically achieved. Healthy choices still need to be made because this lifestyle still allows for the consumption of sugars and and processed foods. You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize this.

If the vegetarian diet is something you’re interested in figure out whether or not the pros outweigh the cons for you. Learn all that you can to live a healthier lifestyle! To learn more, please follow Black Girl Health on Instagram and our blog. If you would like to be a vendor the Black Girl Health Kickstart Expo, visit our website. Tickets are now on sale for the Black Girl Health Kickstart Health & Wellness Expo, visit here to purchase.

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