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Upgrade Your Exercise Routine with These Workouts

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Upgrade Your Exercise Routine with These Workouts

We talk a lot about exercising and working out. Most of the time, we’re focused on convincing you to try something new or providing you with tips and tricks for those who don’t exactly have exercise on their list of favorite things to do. But, for the gym buffs and the ladies who love a good exercise, here’s a few workouts to add to your list. These are a bit different than your usual routine and add a little fun (and intensity) to your normal workout schedule.

  1. Bikram Yoga: We know all about yoga by now, but there’s a certain type of yoga that is a bit more intense than some of the other popular yoga styles. Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga technique that is done in a room with temperatures hitting 95 degrees or more. It involves over 20 posotres to restore balance to your body and encourage positive well being. It also helps with stretching muscles and tendons.
  2. Barre: Think ballet meets yoga mixed in with a little pilates. If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is but the versatility of Barre allows you get a full body workout in, at your pace. Typical Barre classes involve a warm-up, weight training to strengthen your upper body, and moving on to a ballet barre to work on your core. Strengthen your legs, thighs, core, and arms in a fun workout.
  3. Spin: This indoor cycling has become a popular exercise movement for good reason. Usually any where from a half hour to hour and fifteen minutes, depending on the class you’ll go through different cycle settings that deal with speed and resistance. And if you think Spin is all about working out your legs, you’d be surprised to find that many Spin classes incorporate settings that workout your upper body as well. It’s pretty intense though, so do your research and make sure you come prepared!
  4. Pole Dancing: This one might sound a little cliche (maybe even a bit risque) but trust us, it’s worth it. Pole dancing is an acrobatic workout that doubles as cardio and is great for strengthening your core. Not to mention you get to learn a few new dance moves.
Farah Green
Farah Green
Web Content Manager

As a body activist, speaker and exercise nutrition coach, Farah is on a mission to break the generational curse of chronic disease among women of color and help them embrace their bodies by helping them build more self-love and confidence. She has helped hundreds of women create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. As the web content manager for BGH, Farah will share various health and wellness tips that will help every woman improve their quality of life through health, wellness, and nutrition. Farah and the web content team is dedicated to educating women on how to best take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our goal is to help you make your health more of a priority.

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