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Tyra Gardner: An Influential Psychotherapist & CEO, that’s Improving the Lives of Others One Client at a Time

Tyra Gardner: An Influential Psychotherapist & CEO, that’s Improving the Lives of Others One Client at a Time

Every Wednesday, the BGH community is proud to announce a new partner we can spotlight every week, and this week we are taking time to celebrate our newest partner Tyra S. Gardner. Gardner is an influential Psychotherapist and CEO of her clinic called At A Moments Notice, LLC. She provides a multitude of services that include clinical-based practices, where she delivers cognitive behavioral therapy. The evidence-based treatments at her facility coincide with the best therapies for adults. These practices help with adjustment problems like anger management, anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship issues. Gardner also provides business coaching for individuals who want to create and build their businesses. Not only are therapy services provided at the center, but clients can sign-up for monthly subscriptions to receive therapeutic books and journals to help further their knowledge on issues affecting them. She has over twenty years of experience in this field and believes that her services are different from others because she wants people to become the best versions of themselves. Tyra’s business is centered around helping multiple individuals by empowering the mind, body, and spirit. She has developed her center for not only the empowerment of other individuals but for black women especially. Her initial goal is to support black women by helping them become the best version of themselves by giving them a comfortable space to talk about their experiences. In the future, Gardner hopes to create a group session where women can talk to each other and develop sisterhood so all women can rely on each other for love and support. Tyra wants all women of color to realize that it is never too late to change their mindset and take charge of both their mental and physical health.

In the beginning, it was not always easy for Tyra because of ailments that almost made it impossible for her to open her business. The toughest thing that Tyra had to go through was having her Goiter removed because she developed an abnormal enlargement on her thyroid gland. Luckily, Tyra only had the one removed on her left side. She believes that regardless of whatever aliments or setbacks that a person may have, it should never stop them from pursuing their dreams.

The purpose of her business is to help people adapt to life’s challenges and promoting the importance of mental illness. Gardner believes that her services offers and focuses on wellness in all aspects of life while advocating the importance of balancing life and aligning one’s goal of promoting self-happiness. Tyra is excited about her partnership with Black Girl Health to help promote her business and the BGH organization. She wants to encourage her clients that feel apprehensive when it comes to their business or personal life. Tyra can help many individuals who are overwhelmed by the daily struggles of life. A majority of her clients can attest that Gardner is a helpful, courteous, and passionate clinician and business owner.

Here’s what some of her clients say about her: “Tyra has been able to conquer the most challenging situations in an efficient, professional manner. She has been able to master the task of helping others manage something very difficult, which is anger. Anger is a complex emotion and an area where most therapists tread very lightly. She can explain all aspects of anger and how to manage it in a very effective manner. The clients truly enjoy working with her and see much improvement in their ability to utilize the skills that Tyra has taught them in sessions. Her corporate work in terms of helping professionals manage difficult issues is groundbreaking. Her dedication to her clients is above and beyond, making her a huge asset as a consultant.” C. Fitzgerald Testimonial

BGH is excited to form a new partnership with Tyra S. Gardner. We are excited to see what is yet to come! Does Tyra S. Gardner’s story make you more invested when it comes to building your own business? Would you like the partner with BGH to expand your business? Then join the sisterhood and become a member.

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