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Transform Your Body By Competing with Yourself and No One Else!

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Transform Your Body By Competing with Yourself and No One Else!

Transform Your Body

Transforming your body takes hard work and dedication. You have to stay consistent with eating properly and implementing the right workouts to reach your body goals. It’s extremely important that during this process, you don’t compare yourself to anyone. Stay in competition with yourself, not the Instagram models!

If you read the Instagram post below by @saiphifer she states “Me vs. Me.” This is a perfect example of how you should determine your progress. It’s important to not solely rely on the scale, which will enable you to focus more on building muscle and confidence.

Here are five ways to measure your victories without using the scale:

  1. Track your eating habits – Make sure you are eating 5-6 times a day to help speed up your metabolism. Your meals should consist of healthy fats, protein and good carbs.  This will essentially give you more energy for your workouts and create a lasting burn after your workout is complete by consuming a healthier diet.
  2. Check the nature of your skin – Most  people think healthy skin solely depends on the facial products we use. LIES!!! The health of your skin depends on the fruits and vegetables we consume and exercise. You skin is the biggest organ on your body, so take care of it. I’m not saying that cleansers and moisturizers don’t help, but if you want a natural glow – eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise and drink lots of water.
  3. Take an everyday assessment test – The easiest way to give yourself a fit a test is by checking how easy or hard it is for you to go up three to four sets of stairs at work or at home. For example, when I went to the grocery store this week and had to carry 5 bags, a water case and a set of paper towels up my apartment stairs, I found that I wasn’t out of breathe when I reached the top. If I took the same test two weeks ago, I probably would have had to make two trips and stopped for breaks while going the stairs. At that moment, I realized my healthy eating and Crossfit workouts were starting to payoff.
  4. Workout with a heart rate monitor – During a workout sometimes we aren’t sure about the number of calories we are burning. But by wearing a heart rate monitor, you can track your heart rate, the calories you burn and the amount of time it took to complete a workout. Make it your goal to burn 500 calories or more during a workout, even when lifting weights.
  5. Measure your body’s other numbers – Don’t let the number on the scale discourage your fitness efforts. Instead, measure your fitness progress by the numbers you receive when you measure your waist, arms, chest and thighs. Lastly, measure your body fat percentage. If you feel like your body fat percentage is too high, focus more on decreasing this number rather than the number on the scale.

At the end of the day – love your body, no matter your size!

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager

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