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Many of us are not properly caring for our hair and skin simply due to lack of knowledge. On the other hand, many of us do adverse things to our hair and skin that we are aware of which are simply bad habits! Regardless, if you are guilty of any of these NO-NO’s, re-adjust your routine and get ready for your best hair and skin yet!


  1. NO-NO to Popping Pimples! Most popular! It is natural to want that facial acne pimple to go away fast. However, being hasty is counter-productive. Trauma and infection can result from the use of non-sterile tools (i.e. fingernails, safety pins) which also slows healing. You can develop scabs, dark marks due to excess melanin skin pigment and even scars.  It is much easier to camouflage an untainted blemish with make-up. First and foremost, do not pick or pop! If you can not get to a clinical dermatologist to evaluate your skin, wash your face every day with an over the counter 2% Salicylic acid cleanser followed by a dab of 10% Benzoyl peroxide cream to specific pimples which will quickly dry them. To deeply clean pores, use a facial exfoliating scrub every two to three days which will help to reduce pimples, improve skin surface and even reduce dark spots. However, if some dark areas are stubborn, use a Q-tip to directly apply an OTC skin whitener which contains Hydroquinone 1-2% but do not over use as can worsen.


  1. NO-NO to Not Washing Your Hair Enough! We may all be guilty of washing our hair every 2 weeks, but this is a no-no! Scalp is skin, so truthfully no matter hair type, you should wash your hair at least once a week. This may be difficult but think about how your body feels and smells when you don’t wash as is similar to your scalp skin! So the common myth of when your hair is itching, it is growing is false!! It actually means that your hair root is inflamed from yeast growing on your scalp. Plus your hair gets daily build-up of oil and hair products which can cause excess dirt and yeast to collect on scalp and hair. This can lead to a condition called, ‘Seborrheic Dermatitis’, which is the medical term for ‘dandruff’ and is commonly referred to as a ‘dry scalp’ from inflammation of your hair roots. Look out for not only dry, flaky scalp but, itchy, excess daily hair shedding and even hair loss. You can reduce this concern by washing hair at least once a week with a medicated shampoo (leave on for at least 10 minutes) followed by your favorite moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Rinse hair with the coldest water tolerable to seal hair cuticle so hair will not be as dry. Use medicated shampoo until controlled then at least once a month. You’ll be happier to see less hair on your bathroom floor along with cleaner hair and scalp!
  1. NO-NO to Not Using Sunscreen! Contrary to popular belief, it is a necessity for all skin types, even the darkest of color, to use sunscreen. This will protect your skin from the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays resulting in decreased aging and skin cancers. Melanoma skin cancer is the most common in folks of color. Even the fluorescent lights at work contain UV rays. Conveniently, many face moisturizers have added SPF of at least 15 which should be applied especially to face, neck and all sun-exposed areas every morning, all year round. There are some makeup lines that have SPF as well. Sun block is recommended if exposed to a lot of sun and re-application every 2 hours when in water or sweating.

 REMEMBER LADIES, YOUR HAIR AND SKIN START WITHIN. SO GET YOUR BEST HAIR WITH BELLANUTRI SUPPLEMENT. I look forward to helping you with your hair and skin once get started. Questions for me?  ‘Chat with Dr. Mac at 




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