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You spend over an hour perfecting your makeup slay for girls night out, but before the night even gets started, you notice your makeup doesn’t look as fresh as it did in the beginning. That where makeup setting sprays can help. Here are our top 5 makeup setting sprays to help keep your make up in place no matter what the night brings!

Model in a bottle

Model in a Bottle Original Makeup Setting Spray is the one that started it all. With just a few sprays of Model in a Bottle®, you can lock in that perfect makeup look without any touchups. The one-of-a-kind matte finish setting spray makes sure you stay gorgeous by holding your makeup in place all day or night! It’s the perfect setting solution for normal to oily skin.

Urban Decay All Nighter

Meet your most powerful oil-control ally. Urban Decay’s De-Slick Make up Setting spray mists controls oil, prevents surface shine, and keeps skin looking beautifully matte. High Tech ingredients help keep foundation, shadow, and blush from smudging, sliding and fading.

NYX Dewy Finish (Long lasting)

For our budget beauties, you’ll love the way this in-expensive  product works. The NYX Dewy Finish has a really “light” spray and leaves your makeup looking dewy fresh. It also removes that cakey look (if you have that going on) as well giving you a fresh faced natural look all day long.

MAC Fix+ Spray

If you’ve watched any Youtube beauty guru, you’ve probably seen them use MAC Fix+ to set their makeup. Although, this is not a makeup setting spray, specifically, if you’re looking for something light on your skin that results in a rich, smooth, and natural finish this is the spray for you.

Urban Decay’s Cooling and Hydrating Make Up Setting Spray

This Urban Decay makeup setting spray helps stop make up meltdowns! It’s formulated to leave make up looking flawless without smudging or setting info fine lines. As a cooling and hydrating make up setting spray, it features a cooling time release temperature control that actually chills the surface of your make up to keep it looking gorgeous for up to 12 hours.

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