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Top 5 Casual Work Styles

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Top 5 Casual Work Styles

Be Professional in Style!

Getting frustrated looking for something to wear for work? Well, calm down and take a seat because I am here to help. Normally when working in a office you must dress casual but professional. As we see in the advertisements that mostly all casual work clothes are plain and repetitive. But as the beautiful black sisters we are, that doesn’t mean we have to be. You still have the power to mix and match pieces to create the perfect outfit.

Here Are Some Ideas For Starters:

  • A color pant suit with a shirt/blouse and nude or black flats/heels
  • A print shirt or a regular blouse tucked into slacks (if you have a print shirt) with ankle shoes or heels
  • Long cardigan sweater/jacket and a white shirt tucked into your jeans with black or nude heels
  • A peach mid arm length casual shirt with a grey skirt and silver ankle tennis shoes

Casual Outfits Lookbook

Checkout this video “Casual Outfit Ideas | India Ariel”. Her videos has numerous of ideas and pieces that will look stunning on you.


Stay true to yourself, but don’t be afraid to experiment!
For more information on up to date styles and trends continue your search on

By Nyah Scott

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Farah Green
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