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Top 3 VEGAN recipes that Omnivores will Love!

Top 3 VEGAN recipes that Omnivores will Love!

Hey sis! I hope all is going well on your journeys, and that day by day you are inching closer to your goals whatever they may be. Speaking of goals and journeys, I know a lot of us have the goals that we want to live healthier lives and to lose our maintain weight. Many people will tell you that a vegan lifestyle is the best way to lose weight and be healthier overall. I’m no doctor so I can’t say for sure, but what I can say is that incorporating vegan meals into your lifestyle, will not only help you shed a few pounds, but can also help you save a few bucks on your grocery bill. I have tried on and off several times to go vegan, and I haven’t been able to go all the way, but in my trial and error, I have discovered some meals that no matter which diet I eventually stick to, I will still incorporate. So these are my top 3 vegan meals that omnivore’s will love!

Veggie Burgers

If you haven’t tried a veggie burger by now, I encourage you to do so. You can use all kinds of different ingredients to substitute, but my favorite is black beans. You can opt for black beans out of the can, or if you’re ready for some fun, you can start with dried beans. (Check out one of my favorite recipes here.). It’s simple really, made in the same style that you would make a meatloaf, almost. Anyone I make these burgers for are so surprised at how good they are. My mom even eats them, and she doesn’t like to try new foods at all. (she has a 2 year old’s taste buds I swear!). Trust me, try these babies out, you and your whole family will approve


Chili is an easy one to turn vegan, and comes out really good. With chili the only thing you have to do is leave out the meat (cheese also, if that’s your thing) and voila! Its Vegan. I like to add additional beans, other veggies like squash & zucchini, and I also LOVE to substitute mushrooms for the meat. Just pulse them in the food processor or chop them up small, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference! (check out this simple tutorial for an example)

Stir fry

My last favorite meal is stir fry. I have eaten stir fry on so many occasions, because it’s the easiest out of the top 3 to make. Take any veggies (frozen or fresh), sautee them, add noodles and BAM! You’re all set! You can easily find stir fry sauce or stir fry seasoning in the store, to cook them in. I love stir fry because I can have a great tasting meal from start to finish in like 15 minutes. (like in this video) You can even make your own stir fry sauce and dumplings (if you have the time of course) but a simple rice or noodle will do the trick!

So those are my top 3 vegan recipes that omnivores love. I have made each of these recipes from family, friends, or both and they just devoured it. I encourage you to make meatless monday a thing in your household, and give one of these recipes a try!

I wish you many blessings sis, an as always live your best life!



Nikki Brame
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Nikki is a natural hair blogger and youtuber , also known by the handle @ChicNaturlNikki, has been in the game over five years now. She loves journies to find her best self and has enjoyed sharing her these journeys and practices with you along the way.

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