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Top 3 Cheap or Free ways to prevent HIV | HIV Awareness

Top 3 Cheap or Free ways to prevent HIV | HIV Awareness

There are many different methods for treating any symptoms and living long fulfilling lives with HIV/AIDS these days, and that is a wonderful advancement in medicine. There is nothing better than preventing the infection in the first place though. There are many different ways to prevent the spread of infection, but today I will talk about the top 3 that anyone can use. By the way, there is medicine that you can take to prevent yourself from contracting HIV called Prep, but it can be quite expensive. The methods that I will talk about today can be cheap or some of them free.

  1. Abstinence –  As much as this is the least favorite method it is the most  effective and the cheapest (its free). Not everyone contracts HIV through sex, however sex is one of the major ways that the disease is spread, and not participating is a good way to stay clear of the infection. Abstaining from drug use can also put you in the clear as well, considering that another one of the top ways this infection is spread is through drug paraphernalia. This method is much easier said than done, but that is probably why this is the most effective method, because for some of us it is the most difficult, and good things don’t come easy.
  2. Using protection – Using protection is the second best free or cheap way to prevent HIV/AIDS. This method isn’t as fool proof as abstinence though. Condoms and other barriers can break causing bodily fluids to be exchanged. Accurate use lowers the possibility of breakage and that makes this method 99% or more effective. There are all different types of condoms that can be used, even female condoms as well. With so many condom options available to us, there isn’t any reason to have sex unprotected unless you are making an informed conscious choice not to.
  3. Getting tested – In conjunction with using protection, getting tested is the best way to go. Even though getting tested can’t do much by the way of stopping the transmission of the infection, it is an integral part in prevention. Getting tested and knowing the status of your partner and of yourself on a consistent basis can help you take other preventative actions where necessary and stop the spreading of the disease from going further. Find out more about how often you should be getting tested in my other blog article here, and check this one out for tips on finding a testing center near you.

So those are my top 3 cheap or free methods for preventing HIV. I hope that there is someone out there reading this and deciding to be more knowledgeable about their body and dedicated to getting informed on the different ways they can protect their bodies. For more information about Prep, or HIV/AIDS in general check out  the U.S. National Library of Medicine here at their MedlinePlus website.

Don’t forget to live your best healthy life sis!



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