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Time to Morph with Lauren Keir Wellness

Time to Morph with Lauren Keir Wellness

Our BGH Partner spotlight is shining bright on Dr. Lauren Keir Simmons, EdD. Dr. Simmons is a New Orleans native who moved to DC at age 19 to attend Howard University. She has an undergraduate degree in Human Growth and Development, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and an EdD in Child, Youth & Adolescence from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Lauren is no stranger to academic or professional success and is constantly excelling in all endeavors. So a certain level of stress is expected when you have that kind of drive. But when her physical health started to change, she knew something wasn’t quite right. Dr. Simmons started experiencing severe migraines, blood pressure spikes, and unexplained and uncontrolled weight gain. Lifestyle changes and working with her health care team were helpful, but after 2 ½ years, she was still without a root cause for her health-related issues. After a series of tests, she was finally diagnosed with an endocrine disorder known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Determined to succeed in reclaiming her health, Lauren made additional tweaks to her lifestyle and lost a total of 101lbs.

“I knew I had the tools and experiences to help other people find their solutions, change habits, and live a healthier lifestyle for longevity and improved quality of life.” Lauren knew that her journey was meant to benefit others, so she took things a step further and completed a health and wellness certification program. It was at this point that Lauren Keir Wellness was born. My Metaphorsis coaching program was designed to meet the individual needs of the client no matter where they are located. Nothing excites Lauren more than “working with a motivated client who is ready for change and positive results”.

Are you ready for your metamorphosis? If so, contact Lauren Keir Wellness so you can transform into your best self. To learn more about the program and to join the LKW Family, go to You can also follow her on Instagram/Facebook/Youtube (@laurenkeirwellness) and Twitter (@laurenkwellness).

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and surround yourself with like-minded women within the health industry, join the BGH Community. You can sign up today!

Valerie Pogue
Valerie Pogue

Valerie N. Pogue, RN, MPH, CCWS - Valerie has been working in the health promotion field for over 15 years. She is a 3-time graduate of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, where she studied Public Health and Nursing. Valerie is currently employed as a Wellness Program Coordinator where she develops programs and offers services that will positively impact organizational health. She is a firm believer that with the right tools and resources, YOU can unlock the door to your health and wellbeing.

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