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The Pressure To Go Natural

The Pressure To Go Natural

Unless you were a child, back in the day, it was almost unnatural to be natural. However, now that natural is now in, many of our sisters are throwing tubs of perms to the way side and cruising over to a life of natural hair care. But many of our dear beloveds are lost in transistion, not really knowing if such a course is best for them, and even feeling guilty.

Don’t worry, old habits die hard, and if you are addicted to the creamy crack (relaxer) that’s ok too! Becoming natural isn’t just a one time hair switch over, it’s a committed lifestyle. You have to decide whether or not; a life without a relaxer is one you’ll accept. When properly maintained, relaxers provide a slick, straight look at all times, regardless of weather conditions.

It also allows those with a thicker head of hair help in managing it. If you are a gym rat, perspire heavily, or live in a climate that doesn’t quite support natural styles, sticking to a relaxer may not be such a bad thing. Again that decision is yours. Whether you desire a manicured fro’ or tresses that effortlessly sway, lay and behave with edges to match, the choice is yours, you just make sure you own it!


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