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The Most Popular Nail Color For Summer 2014

The Most Popular Nail Color For Summer 2014

With every change of season comes a cycle of seasonal colors. For winter most colors stay on the darker side and for summer, the pinks, the oranges and bright neons come out to play.

Every season there seems to be one or two feature colors. The most popular colors for summer 2014 seem to be Barbie pinks and temperature changing pigments.  However, there’s a new comer to this year’s palate. The more I see the color the more I like it and repeat it each week. It’s a nude, pink color that is actually done with a French manicure color. For the look in the picture I used 4 coats of Pink Nude by Orly. And I used a base and top coat of my go-to Intensive Therapy II by Nail Tek.

 Extra Tip: let the fourth coat of Pink Nude dry completely before applying the top coat.

The color makes the skin color appear darker and I think gives a smooth look. It’s different and fresh, my vote for this summer’s number one color.


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