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The Inspirational Breast Cancer Survival Story of Jill Sturge

The Inspirational Breast Cancer Survival Story of Jill Sturge

Breast Cancer death rates are falling due to advancements in medical treatments and early detection.  However black are still 40% more likely to die from this disease than any other racial or ethnic group.  This is because of the racial disparity in the healthcare resources available in the areas where many black women reside. According to the  CDC the District of Columbia leading the nation in both breast cancer incidence rates (153.1 per 100,000 vs. the U.S. average of 122.0) and breast cancer mortality rates (26.3 per 100,000 vs. the U.S. average of 21.5).

Black Girl Health Black Girl Health Foundation are dedicated to raising awareness of signs of Breast Cancer, the importance self examination, and sharing the inspirational stories of survivors.

The I’m A Survivor 5k Virtual Walk encourages women of color to connect with a breast cancer survivor they know and take a 5k walk to learn about their personal journey of surviving breast cancer with hopes that their story will resonate and encourage you to take control of your health.   We were honored to share Jill Sturge’s story as our featured strong survivor.

My name is Jill Sturge is an events coordinator, CBD Health and Wellness Entreprenuer, and a 46 year old mother of two amazing children.  She frequently practiced self examinations.  One day after coming home from work, she took off her bra, rubbed on the side of her breasts and felt two lumps on the right.  She immediately knew to call her gynecologist to get a professional opinion.

Two months before her 44th birthday, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Her treatment plan was aggresive.  Jill bravely endured a right Mastectomy and 2 Breast reconstruction surgeries, 5 months of Chemotherapy, 5 weeks of Monday to Friday Radiation treatments.

She encourages people to schedule regular mammograms and do regular self exams, you can even make is fun and get a partner involved.  She is thankful

for the amazing doctors and nurses that took good care of me along with my family and friends! With my faith, prayers and a positive mindset she has been Cancer FREE for one year!

To learn more about Jill’s story, check out her video interview with us!

If you are someone you know has a breast cancer survival story, please contact Karlise at

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