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The Effects of Technology on Your Sleep!

The Effects of Technology on Your Sleep!

One thing I absolutely love is a goodnight’s sleep. The best possible sleep I can get is in a cold room with a thick blanket, but sometimes that can get interrupted. I found out that the interruption is, in part, due to my technology.

Disruptive Sounds

When you’re awake and you get a notification you rush to answer it. While you’re asleep your body still has that same alert system on it. Even in your sleep, those sounds keep you from fully reaching your deep sleep and getting the best possible rest.

Technology Addiction

Constantly having your phone connected to you can make it seem almost impossible to put it down and leave it alone. With any addiction, short periods of time without the thing you crave attracts most of, if not, all of your attention. This includes the few hours you try to sleep.

Blue Light

Most electronic devices emit blue light. At night, this light can affect the amount of melatonin that the human body produces and melatonin is a hormone that helps us sleep.

What You Should Do

Maybe it’s time you try to detox on your amount of technology. This doesn’t mean  you have to give up on technology all together, but maybe limit the amount of time you use it. Maybe giving your tech-time a bedtime could help or putting your devices on Do Not Disturb. I know many of us use our phones as our alarm clocks and don’t want to turn off the sound or phone until we wake up. Sometimes a vibration alert is just as bad as a sound alert. With Do Not Disturb, you can completely silence the notification alerts for however long you plan to sleep.

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