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The Effects of Smoking on Women’s Health

The Effects of Smoking on Women’s Health

Smoking is an addictive habit that many people are still dealing with years after the increase in extensive research brought forth. We have some knowledge of the general effects of smoking, but like anything, women are affected differently.

Cigarette smoke is comprised of a mix of over 7,000 chemicals, breathing these chemicals in can damage nearly any part of the body. Smoking cigarettes can cause issues with the reproductive parts and process. In the event that a woman is able to conceive a child but continues to smoke cigarettes while she is pregnant, she can experience pregnancy complications such as an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg fails to reach the womb, but instead begins to grow outside of the womb. This normally causes the death of the baby and sometimes the death of the mother. We know that smoking can cause cancer, but there is one cancer in particular that only women can succumb to and that is cervical cancer.

Your best options are to either never start smoking or quit smoking as soon as possible. Quitting your use in something you are addicted to is not something that is very easy to do so start your quitting process in the most beneficial way to yourself.

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