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The Affects of Depression in Women

The Affects of Depression in Women

The importance of this week’s mental health topic is acknowledging the different types of depression and how it can affect women in different stages throughout their lives. Depression is commonly associated with a mood disorder. Relatively, women have higher rates of depression than men, and this could result in three main factors that include biological, hormone, and social. There has been an influx of research on medications and medical conditions that could be a major contributor to depression. Many people associate the feeling of depression as constantly being sad, but that’s the only portion. Other symptoms could physical, emotional, and mental. Some of the most common physical symptoms are aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems. As women, we go through different changes and phases throughout our lives, which can be triggering our bodies and a cause a multitude of issues. Hormone imbalance can cause many issues, including depression. The four common types of depression many women face are pregnancy, the postpartum period, perimenopause, and the menstrual cycle.

As an organization, Black Girl Health deems it necessary for women to make conscious and informative decisions about their physical and mental health by seeking advice from health care professionals that include either specialists or primary care physicians. There are many resources out there for women experiencing depression, unfortunately, there’s not a cure, but coping mechanisms that make it possible for women to excel in difficult times.

Mental health awareness is important to our community, and BGH is thrilled to provide our audience with informative articles every week to shed light on health issues that persist in our community and fighting against the barriers when it comes to racial discrepancies in the healthcare field. Thanks to our partnership with two trusted and reliable health organizations Medline Plus and the National Library of Medicine, we can find and write about health topics that matter to African-American women.

If you would like to educate yourself on different mental health topics, then visit an online information service, produced by the National Library of Medicine where consumers can view the latest health articles and content. If you are a consumer interested in reading medical publications such as journals, dictionaries, or even blog then go to website of the National Library of Medicine.


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