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Testing Testing 1,2,3: Where can I get tested? | HIV/AIDS awareness

Testing Testing 1,2,3: Where can I get tested? | HIV/AIDS awareness

There is so much information out there about HIV these days, thats its crazy how many people still don’t know their HIV/AIDS status. The CDC says that 1 in 7 people infected don’t even know it, which is even crazier. The only way possible that they wouldn’t know they’re infected is if they aren’t getting tested on a regular basis. (Check out my last post here on how often you should be getting tested for HIV). Getting tested on a regular basis is not that difficult, and isn’t expensive either. If you are in an urban area, there are plenty of places that can help get tested, and often times you can just walk in without an appointment.

What If I don’t have Health Insurance?

Well first of all sis, why not? I’m not here to preach on you because I didn’t have insurance for a long time either, but it’s actually cheaper than you think. Even if you can’t afford it though there are plenty of places that can help you get tested for cheap and sometimes free.

So where can I get tested?

 Here is a small list of places that can help you out when you don’t have any health insurance (or spare cash).

  1. State Health Clinics – State health clinics are very affordable, and I exclusively used this method when I was without health insurance for a few years. It is completely income based and you don’t even have to pay on the same day you have your service. It’s often MUCH cheaper than you expect coming in at a whopping $25 or less lots of the time, for all tests not just HIV.
  2. College Campus – This one was huge and I had no idea until I paid attention at school. They often have clinics on campus that will test students free. There are also Busses that do testing as well that park on campus and will help anyone that walks in through the door for free!
  3. LGBTQ+ events – This community is on top of it. There are events year around put on by the LGBTQ+ community that offer hiv/aids testing for free. And they don’t ask you whether you belong to the community or not, they just help you. Isn’t that nice?
  4. – I know your like what? But this one is a little different. There are many people out there who don’t want to be seen in one of these places I’ve mentioned, so for you there is There are many different kinds of Home Testing kits for HIV that you don’t even need to leave the house for. The cheapest I’ve seen is about 20 dollars and with amazon prime you can know your status within a couple of days!

So as you can see, Getting Tested for HIV is not nearly as tough or expensive as you thought it would be, It’s not on you to take this knowledge and put it into action. In 2019 we are taking care of ourselves and using the knowledge we have been given to improve or save our own lives, You can get more information on HIV/AIDS from the U.S. National Library of Medicine here at their MedlinePlus website.

Live your best life in 2019 sis, but do it in a way that’s informed and safe!



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