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Top 3 Yoga Youtubers You’ll Love!

My relationship with yoga has always been a love/hate one. Loving the days where we focus on breathing and meditation, and hating the days where it felt like I was doing some kind of crazy flexible pilates. In my yoga journey, there have been numerous times where I have fallen off the bandwagon, but every time I slowly found my way back to the mat. Yoga has been my introduction to fitness and is slowly motivating me to get myself in shape. Every time I sit down for a session, I see myself getting stronger and more capable of doing the different poses (and holding downward dog for more than just a few seconds). So to incite inspiration in some of my BGH sisters, I...

Breathe And Discover Your True Self With Yoga

Kick off your shoes, grab a mat, and find a spot on the floor. Today is International Yoga Day and a great opportunity to learn the benefits of the ancient practice that has benefited millions around the world. Whether you are a devoted yogi or you don't know the first thing about yoga, watch a short video from BlackGirlHealth contributor Candice Elise as she talks you through a couple poses and gives guided instruction that is sure to leave you relaxed and more self-aware. You may even discover your new passion. Namaste!  ...