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Labor and Delivery Nurse to Midwifery: Demetrice Smith’s Story of Birth, Loss and Empowering Mother’s Through Education

Demetrice Smith is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Nurse Midwife  for a non-profit organization in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Nursing with a specialization in Educational Leadership. She is the founder Melanated Midwife, where she teaches pregnancy and wellness courses.  Demetrice and her husband are parents to 3 earthly children and 4 angel babies. She has experienced almost every type of pregnancy loss which allows her to truly connect with her clients and is committed to empowering mothers and their families through education.  Here is a part of her truly inspiring story… “When I walked into the hospital to have our first baby, I was only 25 weeks pregnant. It was July and my due date was not until October! I...