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Nutrition and HIV/AIDS | Fighting Back

Hello my lovely BGH sisters! I hope that all is well in your lives, and you're pursuing your dreams even in the wake of failure. When I talk of pursuing your dreams I mean that to be anything you fancy, however I hope that we have one dream in common, which is to live healthy and full lives. When you have an HIV diagnosis (especially a recent one), that may seem only like a dream, but with the knowledge and medicinal advances we have today, you can live a fulfilling life with HIV/AIDS. While there are multiple things that you can do to increase your longevity living with the infection, like making sure you're taking your medication appropriately, exercising regularly, and giving up poor habits...

Ernestine Shepherd

Body Builder Ernestine Shepherd’s Amazing Transformation

This week's #wcw is competitive body builder, model, and personal trainer Ernestine Shepherd. At 79 years old she is slaying stages and competitions with her body building skills and perfectly sculpted body. But, would you believe us if we told you, she wasn't always this way? We're sharing the story of this world record holder and all around diva, along with a few tips on how you can begin your body transformation as well. Ms. Ernestine Shepherd wasn't always into to athletics. To be honest, she was a certified girly girl. At the age of 56, however, things changed. The loss of her sister drew her closer to an activity they had started together (going to the gym) and from there Shepherd began to transform her...

Robin Roberts Fitness and Nutrition

Why Robin Roberts Puts Fitness and Nutrition First

This week’s #wcw goes to the remarkable Robin Roberts. Most known for being a prominent TV broadcaster on national stations such as ABC and ESPN, she has gotten even more recognition for sharing her journey through surviving breast cancer. Learn why she thinks fitness and nutrition are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. Being in the public eye forces you to be in shape, but good health is what made Robin Roberts adapt a strict nutrition based lifestyle. As an athlete, Roberts has always tried to lead a healthy life by adapting a mostly low carb diet, but after her health issues and battle with cancer, she knew it was time to make some significant changes. Focusing on Fitness and Nutrition Low carbs aren't the only thing that...