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Loving your natural hair again; A letter to my sisters | Natural Hair

Hey sis, I hope your 2019 is blossoming into everything that you thought it would be, and i'm hoping and praying that you are on the brightest path to your goals. If you're a natural like me you probably started of your journey with some pretty lofty hair goals. The day I decided to go natural I told myself that I wanted to have waist length hair. Little did I know my journey would be full of twists, turns, highs, and lows. I’m coming into my 6th year as a natural, and I will just say that it hasn't been everything that it seemed it would be, for me, it has been so much more than that Hating my hair Around my third year of being natural,...

Curl Defined Wash-N-Go

Audry Phillips’ curl defined wash-n-go lands her in our #fabuloushairfriday spotlight! The naturalista shares how she accomplished her look. If you’re a naturalista or an aspiring naturalista then you know that a wash-n-go requires a lot more than just washing your hair and going. Audry shares her process for achieving her defined hairstyle. “Like most naturals, I have what seems like a million products and [for this look] I honestly grabbed what was available,” she shares. “I started with Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge shampoo and clarified my hair, using only my fingers to comb through. Then, using the same brand conditioner, I conditioned my hair, finger combed, and rinsed it out.  Next, I put in another round of conditioner and left it in my hair. Immediately after,...