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How to Find Your Daily Motivation

How to Find Your Daily Motivation At some point in life, everyone comes to a place where they struggle with their motivation; Especially after a failure or setback in your personal or professional life. Even the most successful have had a tussle or two with maintaining their motivation. Ever wonder how those individuals who are wildly successful, keep their drive after experiencing failure? Well here is a guide for 8 ways to find and keep your motivation. [embed][/embed] What’s your why? Highly successful and motivated individuals ALWAYS start with their why. Your why is going to be the backbone of your success. So what is your why? What is your purpose for doing what you do? This answer alone will be your drive and give you that ambition you...

Eat Better

What the Health? No-Stress Ways to Eat Better

There's a lot of chatter around food and eating habits lately thanks, in particular, to an eye-opening--and slightly scary--documentary on Netflix titled What the Health. People everywhere are starting to rethink their food choices, dietary habits, and the way they think about food and for good reason. Although this documentary is one you’ll just have to watch for yourself (and take what you see with a grain of salt) there is much to be said about the effects that food have on your health and life. And while, we won’t tell you to stop eating meat and go vegan, there are ways to simply eat better in general. STRESS-FREE WAYS TO EAT BETTER Stock up on healthy snacks. One of the main reasons people fail at...