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Black Girl Beauty Holiday Lookbook

While we’ll always love getting all dressed up for the holidays, it’s the beauty looks that we love the most. When you think holiday beauty, shades of red lipstick and the perfectly placed sparkle are the first things that come to mind. And the hair? The bigger the better in our opinion. If you’re looking for some holiday beauty inspiration to make your look complete this season we have just the ideas for you. Big Hair, Don’t Care [caption id="attachment_5259" align="alignnone" width="300"] photo via @naturalhairloves[/caption] This is the holiday beauty look for the girls who want their hair to be the center of attention. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve mastered the perfect twist or will rocking a protective style, the point of this look is to let your...

SACHA Buttercup setting powder VS. Ben Nye’s Banana Powder

For those that haven’t heard of buttercup yet, it is Sacha Cosmetics newest setting powder from their Kamaflage line. All of their Kamaflage products tend to have medium-full coverage, and when I heard what people were saying about the Buttercup powder of course I had to try it. I’m cheap so I went to a fellow mua’s house because I knew she had it ANNNNND  Because I wasn’t going to purchase in the future without trying it first. Immediate thoughts when using: This powder is SUPER soft and fine milled. It feels velvety. It melts into the skin. The Ben Nye Banana Powder is a beautiful powder but is on the chalkier side. I think we also have to remind ourselves that Ben Nye is STAGE makeup....


We all know her as Moesha from the hit 90’s sitcom, but Bandy Norwood is also a platinum selling Grammy winning recording artist with hits such as “The boy is mine”, “Have you ever”, and “I wanna be down”. Even at 37 years old and after having a baby Brandy is still in tip top shape, not to mention has impeccable skin that most women would kill for.' When Brandy was asked about beauty products she can’t live without she replied “The Beauty Blender is the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of makeup because it just softens everything without taking the makeup off. It just makes it look like skin. I love the Giorgio Armani Lip Gloss. It moisturizes your lip,...