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Reconciling the past, and moving on |National reconciliation day | Emotional health

Hey sis! I hope your day is starting out productive and meaningful towards your goals. Today is National Reconciliation Day , and I wanted to take this day to talk about something that that affects all of us even though we may be on different journeys. I’m talking about our old relationships. Now these old relationships can be ones with your parents, lovers that turned to haters, or besties that went bad. No matter why the relationship is in the past, all that matters now is that your reconcile it and move forward. What is reconciling and how should I do it? Well usually I would answer your questions with the concrete definitions of the word, however I think in this case it's okay to have...

My Top 3 tips on having Heart Healthy friendships |Sister Circle

Hey sis, I hope all is well for you in 2019 so far, and that you are cultivating the life that you want to live. I thought I would write to you today about something that affects all of us, and that is our friendships. In 2018 I learned that it is important to value my friendships with the people in my life and all of my relationships in general. With that being said however, there are some friendships that bring very little value into your life, and should not be apart of your future. If you are reading this then I know you are similar to me In the way that you value your time and energy. Your time and energy are two things...