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Top 3 Ways to Get Your Finances on Track for Beginners | Reinvent Your Life Series

So in my Slay 2019 with a financial fresh start post I talked about how this year we are reinventing our lives and taking our finances into our own hands. If you missed it I talked briefly about how a lack of finances can affect your overall health as well. I hope after reading that last post you were able to also picture some financial goals in your mind that you wanted to work towards. Maybe you want to buy a house in a couple of years, or set up a child’s college fund, or maybe you're just young and single, and you want to save up for retirement and buy those Louboutins you’ve had your eye on (yes that last one is mine). No...

Slay 2019 with a Financial Fresh Start | Financial Health

How many times have you gotten to the end of the year, and felt like you didn't quite accomplish the things you wanted to? I have, and as you probably already know it’s not a good feeling. One of the main reasons I’ve noticed is that they are creating all kinds of large goals for the new year and struggling to keep them. (If this is you, check our our post here on goal setting VS adopting a system). However, there is an even bigger problem that no one is talking about. Most people are not making any financial goals, and if they are, they're not making them in a way that's improving their day to day lives. So you might be wondering “Isn't this a...