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8-day Keto Kickstart | Spring cleaning for the body

Hey Sis! I hope you're doing well on your life journey thus far! I know that we are all on different journeys in different parts of our life, but I know that there is one thing that we are are working on together and that's our weight. Whether it is for weight loss, weight maintenance, a health issue or purely cosmetic, our weight is something that drives all of us, to live more active and full lives, including me. So since #SpringCleaning is coming I thought I would jumpstart it by doing some cleaning of my body. I have decided to do an 8-day Keto Kickstart to get my cravings under control, and get back on my healthy eating plan. You see I have kinda...

Here’s Why Early Risers Are Burning More Fat

We have all heard you shouldn’t eat right before a swim. Now there’s a new study that suggests you may not want to eat before exercising to get the most out of your workout. The new trend is called fasted cardio and encourages working out first thing in the morning before breakfast. According to studies, the body will burn more fat. The body typically draws on carbs for energy. Without food, your body will only have existing fat to use for energy. Then, after your fasted workout, studies say that your body will be better able to absorb carbs and proteins. The idea is that your body will use the food to restore energy instead of storing it as fat. The overnight fast should be 10 hours...