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Top 5 Casual Work Styles

Be Professional in Style! Getting frustrated looking for something to wear for work? Well, calm down and take a seat because I am here to help. Normally when working in a office you must dress casual but professional. As we see in the advertisements that mostly all casual work clothes are plain and repetitive. But as the beautiful black sisters we are, that doesn’t mean we have to be. You still have the power to mix and match pieces to create the perfect outfit. Here Are Some Ideas For Starters: A color pant suit with a shirt/blouse and nude or black flats/heels A print shirt or a regular blouse tucked into slacks (if you have a print shirt) with ankle shoes or heels Long cardigan sweater/jacket and...

Top 3 Most Inspiring Rihanna Looks

She's not only an icon but a fashionista! As we all know it, Rihanna is known to be a singer, songwriter, actress, businesswomen, and a fashionista. Throughout her career, she has been giving us more than we can handle such as her Fenty shoe and clothing line, cosmetics line, and other organizations she invested in. Rihanna has set the standard with her creativity and unique styles for the whole world. Every time you see her hit the red carpet of an event she never fails because she slays every time. She has inspired numerous black women and young girls by trying to make everyone feel beautiful in every shape/size with her brand. Inspiring Rihanna Looks: Transforming your whole style can be difficult but to limit the number of...


Top 5 African Fashion Looks for the Summer

Let’s step into our African culture for a minute African fashion has been a popular trend for black women and children for centuries. African clothing originated in Africa and it consists of colors, pattern prints, and worn with a headwrap. When wearing print don’t be afraid to bring out those flamboyant colors with the traditional head wrap to match. Especially, during the summertime, because it's embracing your beauty within your own style. There are over a hundred ways to dress up in the pattern it could be worn in your shirt, two-piece dresses, a gown, pants or skirt, and more. [embed][/embed] Top 5 African fashion looks:   White leotard or shirt with blue pattern skirt and yellow heels or sandals Matching pant set of a red and gold...