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3- Day juice Cleanse Results

Hey sis, hope all is well for you! Let me just tell you, the past 3 days have been crazy for me! If you remember from my post last week I did a 3 day Juice cleanse to drop a couple inches off my waist for a cruise I have coming up. Man it was rough!  I wasn't prepared for sure and although I cheated a couple of times I did have fairly good results. This was the cleanse I used, and I didn't weigh myself before because I wasn't looking for weight loss so much as I wanted to get rid of bloat and constipation. So without further adieu, here is my experience, and some recommendations if you are thinking of trying your own...

Coming CLEAN About What You Eat

Dr. Jamie Hardy breaks down clean eating and provides tips for cleaning up your diet. Have you tried every diet and get skinny quick program known to man but failed to lose the weight and then keep it off?  Are you disappointed with the way you look and feel?  I have heard those same frustrations and concerns from thousands of individuals during my 12-year career as a clinical pharmacist.  Let me be clear.  There is no magic pill, secret potion, or special drink that will instantly transform your body and overall heath.   Transformation is accomplished by making deliberate and consistent changes in your lifestyle. Clean eating creates the foundation for staying fit and fabulous during your fast paced life. You may be wondering what the heck is...