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How Janelle Monae Keeps Her Natural Glow

Recently, the world has been taken by storm with the release of the phenomenal movie “Hidden Figures”, which depicts the story of three African American women that assisted NASA with its first journey to the moon. With the movie’s world success, it’s only fitting that we name Janelle Monae as this week’s #wcw. Known for her individualism and refusal of societal conformity, Janelle Monae has inspired many young black women around the world to be their authentic selves. Her grace and beauty has been admired among millions around the world. And her many recent red carpet appearances have us falling in love all over again. If there's one thing that we admire most about Janelle Monae--besides her flawless natural hair styles--it's her natural beautiful glow....


We all know her as Moesha from the hit 90’s sitcom, but Bandy Norwood is also a platinum selling Grammy winning recording artist with hits such as “The boy is mine”, “Have you ever”, and “I wanna be down”. Even at 37 years old and after having a baby Brandy is still in tip top shape, not to mention has impeccable skin that most women would kill for.' When Brandy was asked about beauty products she can’t live without she replied “The Beauty Blender is the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of makeup because it just softens everything without taking the makeup off. It just makes it look like skin. I love the Giorgio Armani Lip Gloss. It moisturizes your lip,...