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Here’s How To #Popthequestion To Your Man #Likeaboss

Pop the Question to Your Man like a BOSS Before you get into a serious relationship, it's always important to sit down with your partner and have 'the talk' because 46 percent of blacks in the U.S. are living with HIV.  I know this conversation can be somewhat uncomfortable, but you should always think about your sexual health, first. Here is a video that can help lighten up the mood before approaching your partner with the conversation. Make it a Shared Experience. If you put yourself out there and word it in a way that's hows you're also willing to take the brave walk with them, "I think it would be smart if we both got tested for the sake of our health," then you stand a better chance...

Celebrate Blackbreastfeeding Week

Celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week

Every August, women around the country join together to celebrate National Breastfeeding Month. A month dedicated to highlighting the importance of breastfeeding, offering support for breastfeeding mothers, and resources for women interested in breastfeeding. At the end of August, a week is dedicated specifically to black women with the Black Breastfeeding Week initiative. While supporting the main mission of National Breastfeeding Month, Black Breastfeeding Week seeks step in where the lack of awareness and resources available for black women who are interested in breastfeeding exists. Empowering, encouraging, and informing women of color on breastfeeding and offering support in this space that has a complicated history in our community. Why Black Breastfeeding Week is Important Like so many disparities that exist within our community, breastfeeding has long been...

Get Tested for HIV

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Tested for HIV

When it comes to HIV, the only way to be certain of your status is to get tested. And while getting tested can feel like an intimidating or downright scary experience, not getting tested isn’t an option. If you’ve never been tested for HIV or are still deciding here are 5 reason you should: It’s always better to know. Finding out that you have been infected with HIV is a scary prospect to think about. Especially when you’re uninformed and aren’t sure what a diagnosis like that means. Fear stops many people from taking the steps to get tested but the truth is, it’s always better to know whether you have been infected so that you can take the necessary course of action to...

Get Tested

How to Ask Your Man to Get Tested i.e. #POPTHEQUESTION

Taking the initiative to get tested for HIV is a big step in taking control of your health. There’s no arguing that, at first, it can be quite intimidating. But, when it comes to having that discussion with your man or sexual partner, things can become really uncomfortable. Be that as it may, knowing your and your partner's HIV status is essential to having a good sexual relationship. So asking your man to get tested--if he hasn’t already--is a bridge you’ll have to cross. Here’s how to do it without the hassle. Get tested together Many times people avoid getting tested because they are nervous or uncomfortable. Going with someone and getting tested together can help alleviate some of that anxiety and nervousness. Instead of asking your...