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10 Women in Black History you’ll love! | Black History Month

Hey my beautiful queens! I hope you are all manifesting amazing things in your life and working hard to accomplish your dreams. As black women we have so much drive  and ambition that helps push us and our entire community forward. So today, in celebration of black history month, I thought it would be a good idea to pay homage to some of these influential women, and bring you 10 women from black history that you will love! Althea Gibson If you love Serena Williams then we definitely have to pay homage to the woman help helped pave the way. Ms Gibson was the first black woman to compete in Wimbledon back in 1951. Learn her full story 2. Mary Mahoney This woman was the first black nurse to...

Black History Lesson: 8 Pioneers That Define Black Girl Magic

Before the Civil Rights Movement and all that activists like Martin Luther King Jr. did for the equality of African Americans, there were women advocating for freedom of enslaved Africans. These women were Black Girl Magic before it became fashionable. The term Black Girl Magic was created by CaShawn Thompson in 2013 to celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women. While the term is relatively new the notion that black woman are magical, according to Thompson’s definition, dates back to the 1800’s. While not as widely celebrated as women in later centuries – these enslaved African women proved that they were indeed beautiful, powerful and resilient. Here are 8 examples of pre-emancipation Black Girl Magic. Phillis Wheatley – learned to read and write while enslaved....