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Sweatbands and Waist-trainers: are they worth the hype?

Sweatbands and Waist-trainers: are they worth the hype?

With the weather slowly beginning to break, people are beginning to try and work on their “summer body” and with all of the social distancing and gyms being closed is adding an abdominal sweatband the extra push you need to reach your fitness goals?

If you are on social media, I’m sure you have seen these many ads of companies marketing their waist trainer sweatband that will instantly take inches of your waist, flattening your stomach to give you the perfect hourglass figure.  Any product claiming to do such a thing without adequate exercise and even diet modifications is a scam.

Basic waist trainers can be extremely dangerous as they have the potential to shift organs and cause damage to your ribs.  If you do want to lose inches off your waist there are a variety of core exercises you can do that can give you the same results permanently and without drastic damage.

The abdominal sweatbands do have an added benefit as they create an added amount of heat but typically result in the loss of water weight which is easy to regain. Although you can see minimal results they do come with risk. Because of the increase in heat, you lose electrolytes a lot faster that can create an imbalance leading to dizziness, fatigue, weakness, etc.  If you do choose to wear one, take rest and hydrate more than you would during a normal workout and be mindful not to push yourself too hard to quickly.


But remember, even without these products, with proper diet and exercise you can achieve the goals you want.  Remember…Slow and Steady Wins the Race.

Monet Gilmore
Monet Gilmore

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