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Dry scalp, dry hair and hair breakage can be very frustrating  as our hair is ‘our crown and glory’! Does your scalp look dry despite using lots of moisturizers, deep conditioners or hot oil treatments ? This might be why.

Most commonly, your scalp may have dandruff or in medical terms, ‘seborrheic dermatis’. Your scalp may not be dry from lack of oil but actually flaking off from overgrowth of yeast with possible itching. The excess hair products can worsen yeast, especially if scalp is not washed regularly. Often, we fear that if we shampoo too much, our hair will get too dry but, scalp is skin that is connected to the back of your neck and face which we wash every day.  So, why do you wait to ‘wash the skin above the back of our neck’ ?  I am not suggesting to shampoo every day but proper hygiene is critical to reduce the risk of this condition as you can always put oil back on hair.  Try a medicated shampoo (ex. Head & Shoulder), leave on for ten minutes then use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner once a week for one month then once a month. If dry scalp persists, consult with your doctor.

Unlike dry scalp, dry hair and breakage typically results from external ‘wear and tear’ such as excess heat (dryers, flat irons), overuse of chemical relaxers/dyes,  too much brushing/combing and frequent washing. It less commonly happens due to health issues such as low thyroid, diabetes, dehydration, severe illness, medications, etc. Hair can look dull and become fragile leading to breakage at various points along the affected strands causing different lengths. Chemical relaxers can permanently weaken your hair strands, especially if applied more than every six to eight weeks and overlapped onto previously relaxed hair. In addition to caring for underlying reasons for dryness and breakage, apply a daily moisturizer, wash hair at least every seven to ten day to limit product build-up, deep condition once a month and get hair trimmed every two months as the ends are the oldest part of strand.

Because hair starts from the inside, I am a huge advocate of internal natural approach as topicals alone are not as effective. Check out Dermatologist developed BellaNutri hair supplement to help dry scalp, dry hair and breakage. The special marine proteins and collagen proprietary blend directly help the internal hair roots unlike hair vitamins which are multivitamins that do not specifically target hair. Scalp will become healthier in addition to more moisturized hair with less breakage. In addition, hair  will grow longer and thicker hair even in bald or thin areas.

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager

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