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Style Inspiration for Every Event this Season

Style Inspiration/body type

Style Inspiration for Every Event this Season

Who else has been so busy wrapping up shopping, work, and regular life that they haven’t even had the chance to think about holiday style. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With the end of the season swiftly approaching and holiday events and parties on the horizon (and in some cases well underway) it’s time to start thinking about your holiday style. If you need some help with where to start, here’s a few ideas no matter what kind of event you’re headed to this season.

Style Inspiration

The Office Party

Deciding what to wear to your job’s holiday party can be tricky. Especially if you’re heading there straight after the work day or planning to head somewhere right after. Depending on your work environment, some outfits might make more sense than others but if you can’t be sure, you’re best bet is to go with something easily dressed up or down. We love this idea of wide leg pants paired with a sequin top. Festive, yet simple, and easy to accessorize.

Hanging with Friends 

Who else was excited that “holidays” like Friendsgiving were made official. As much as we love our families, there’s no denying that friends are the family we choose. For your chill holiday dinners with your crew, wearing something cute and casual for the season is perfect. We suggest pairing jeans with a velvet top for those chill holiday vibes.

Home for the Holidays

If you’re like so many of us, chances are at some point this holiday season you’ll be making your way home for the holidays. When hanging with the fam, most of us are looking to find that perfect balance of something both cozy and cute. Rocking a cute sweater and festive skirt is a great way to achieve it.

NYE Party Ready

End the year and the holiday season with a bomb dress and a good time. If you’re planning to head out with the boo or the girls, now is not the time to take it easy. Dress it allll the way up with a sparkly dress, some velvet thigh boots, or anything over the top you can think of.  Afterall, it will never be 2017 again!


Farah Green
Farah Green
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