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Seasonal Nail Lacquer (Colors)

Seasonal Nail Lacquer (Colors)

It’s Time to trade those bright-summer shades in for some fall shades. Much like the fashion industry the color palette changes with the seasons.

Spring and summer shades are bright, whereas autumn and winter shades are a little on the dark side. Ideas for colors for autumn would be: deep shades of Reds, Blues, Purples, Browns, Greens, and last but, not least my favorite Nudes. Depending on your preference, dark shades of orange and yellow fit well in the autumn color shades.

Lastly, I cannot forget about the basic black and white they go well with any season and are bold, but yet so simple to the naked eye. I’m not saying that you cannot wear other color polishes from other seasons during the fall, but if you are a trend follower you have to know What’s in and What’s out.




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