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SACHA Buttercup setting powder VS. Ben Nye’s Banana Powder

SACHA Buttercup setting powder VS. Ben Nye’s Banana Powder

For those that haven’t heard of buttercup yet, it is Sacha Cosmetics newest setting powder from their Kamaflage line. All of their Kamaflage products tend to have medium-full coverage, and when I heard what people were saying about the Buttercup powder of course I had to try it. I’m cheap so I went to a fellow mua’s house because I knew she had it ANNNNND  Because I wasn’t going to purchase in the future without trying it first.

Immediate thoughts when using:

This powder is SUPER soft and fine milled. It feels velvety. It melts into the skin. The Ben Nye Banana Powder is a beautiful powder but is on the chalkier side. I think we also have to remind ourselves that Ben Nye is STAGE makeup. The Buttercup powder may be more suitable for the everyday makeup wearer, someone who may not be as skilled at blending as a professional.

The bendability of this product alone will make you want to replace your other setting powders in general, not just the Ben Nye.

In regards to the final product, they both look about the same. However, as I noted earlier because the banana powder is a bit on the chalkier it has the tendency to read ashier and cakey when not blended properly.

How do they compare price-wise? 3 ounces of the banana powder will run you about $20 depending on where you purchase (without a discount) and 2.3 ounces of the Buttercup is $15.00

Overall I truly believe Buttercup is more user friendly and has a softer touch, and you won’t have to worry about throwing elbows to try to purchase this one at the makeup trade shows.


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