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What Rihanna Taught Us about Body Positivity

Body Positivity

What Rihanna Taught Us about Body Positivity

Who else can relate to the–sometimes constant–rollercoaster that comes along with body fluctuations and womanhood. The changes our bodies go through different seasons of our lives, different times of the year, during our monthly cycles, or even between days can be a lot. Especially if we’re super focused on reaching those weight lost. It can be discouraging when you head to your closet to put on your favorite pair of jeans that fit just right last week, but today? Not so much. One celebrity we know can relate is Rihanna. Let’s take a lesson from Riri and stop stressing about what we can and can’t wear and embrace our bodies, no matter the day. Here’s how Rihanna does it:

She pays attention to her body and dress for what works. – Yes, we’ve been there. You really wanted to wear that crop top today but your body isn’t exactly crop top ready. Instead of trying to make your clothes work for you, choose the items that will work best for your body that day.

She keeps a low-key attitude and wears what’s most flattering. – It’s easy to get really stressed out about your body’s ups and down. Feeling good in your skin is important so wearing the things that make you look and feel good should be your primary concern.

She ignores the haters and stays true to herself. – There will always be a person who has an (unsolicited) opinion about your body, how you dress, or something else. It’s important not to let outside opinions affect you. Know who you are, wear what you want, and love your body always.

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
Digital Media Manager

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