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Reality Star Nicole Murphy Ages Gracefully

Reality Star Nicole Murphy Ages Gracefully

At 46, Nicole Murphy is the prime example of fabulous. This 5’11 beauty is in tip top shape. Nicole works out almost every day.

She believes in doing a variety of activities to stay fit and not bored. Murphy rotates between cardio kickboxing classes, circuit training, hiking and yoga.

One interesting fact is that Nicole has a serious sweet tooth and loves to eat cookies from wholefoods. She believes that you are allowed to cheat on your diet every once in a while. We are only human and depriving yourself will only make for a larger splurge later. However, she always stays mindful about the proportion of lean proteins, vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, antioxidants etc. and inculcates nutrient packed foods such as chicken, oatmeal, salad etc. in her diet.

She is definitely what we would call aging gracefully. Remember stay FIT, stay HEALTHY, and stay SEXII!


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