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5 Tips That Will Help You Trim Your Waistline After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Belly

5 Tips That Will Help You Trim Your Waistline After Pregnancy

Gain the body you desire after pregnancy

Some women believe that after having a child there’s no such thing as a fit and healthy body. However, every day we see women online sharing their pregnancy journey. By sharing their story with us they are exposing the good and bad through their journey. Even after these women give birth they are now faced with two main responsibilities; taking care of a newborn and working to get their body back in shape.

I don’t know how they do it, but kudos to them!

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✨ 4 weeks postpartum ✨ s w i p e I’m a product of good nutrition ? Good nutrition = Great results ?No I’m not where I want to be physically but up to this point I’ve been strictly following my Nutrition Guide (if you’re interested, please DM/email me) and I must say I’m proud of my progress thus far ?? I have a lonnnnnnng way to go but I hope to share my postpartum journey with you guys ? – ps. Now that I’m clear to workout please let me know what type of videos you guys want me to share • • #selfie #selfies #me #love #pretty #instagood #life #portrait #igers #health #fitness #fit #nutrition #4weekspostpartum #mom #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #gym #training #photooftheday #healthy #mom #strong #motivation #determination #lifestyle #fitfam #momlife

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5 Tips to Help Trim Your Waistline After Pregnancy:

  1. Getting Adequate Sleep – Most moms try to sleep on the same schedule as their newborn children. Although this is hard to accomplish sometimes – a study found that getting seven hours of sleep or more decreases obesity.
  2. Breastfeed the Baby – According to a 2013 science research study, women who breastfeed their children will lose the baby fat easily during the first 6 months of postpartum.
  3. Nutrition is Key – During pregnancy some women experience all sorts of cravings. The truth is once the baby comes into the world – those cravings may still exist, but you have to fight it. By consuming a clean and nutritious diet, the baby weight will drop quicker and your waistline will continue to shrink.
  4. Incorporate Exercise – As a busy mom, sometimes making it to the gym isn’t possible. So working on at home when the baby is sleep will help you burn extra calories and keep you moving.
  5. Decrease stress and anxiety – Sometimes extra and unnecessary stress can result to weight gain. However, low levels of stress can lead to weight loss after pregnancy. At any point, you feel stressed take a deep breath and begin to meditate.

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