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Pillow Abs: 9 Ab Exercises You Can Do With Your Pillow

Pillow Abs

Pillow Abs: 9 Ab Exercises You Can Do With Your Pillow

Who knew you could work your abs using a pillow?

The majority of us believe we have to make it to the gym to work our abs. However, Jeanette Jenkins new ab workout shows us how we can be in the comfort of our home and still strengthen our core. Goodbye ab machines and hello comfy pillows!

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Here are 9 Ab Exercises you can do in the comfort of your home using a pillow:

  • Leg Darts
  • Half Roll Back Leg Lifts
  • V-Hold Double Leg Kicks
  • V-Hold Pillow Smash
  • Pillow Twist
  • Extend Legs
  • Ab Tuck with Pillow Pass
  • Straight Leg Pillow Pass
  • Side Plank with Reach Under

Key Takeaway

Ladies, summer is right around the corner. So before you complain about having to go to the gym to work your midsection get bikini ready, start your ab workout in the comfort your home.

Imani Goodall
Imani Goodall
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